Home Inspiration

Sweet pairing: rich, aromatic whites

Varietals like Viognier, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer will pair beautifully with the taste experiences in the sweet cheese platter. Most wines made with these grapes contain just a little residual sugar, giving them a soft, full character. Their flavours may remind you of apples or pears (so good with cheese!), and they’re also all very aromatic wines, with interesting floral aromas and the occasional hint of spice.

Savoury pairing: supple, structured reds

Almost any red wine will be delicious with these cheeses and their accompaniments, but for the best effect, we recommend medium-bodied reds with plenty of fruit flavour that’s balanced by tannins and acidity. Look for wines from Tuscany or the Northern Rhône Valley – in addition to crowd-pleasing fruit-forwardness, they’ll also show a delicate earthiness that will showcase the depth and complexity of our cheeses.

Gourmet design for the eyes!

Even the simplest bite-size snack can be a Taste Experience in itself. Play with the components of your presentation to make them shine in all their glory and delight your guests! Serve them on brightly coloured or pastel cutlery. Create an original table design, getting inventive with the arrangement of cutlery, lines and shapes. Add a oophm to your serving dishes or classic utensils by painting them in vibrant colours.

Edible art

Bring out your inner culinary artist! Ingredients that highlight your flavours, such as syrups, herbs, oils, fruits, zest, etc., can also be used to decorate your serving dishes. Try a spiral of balsamic syrup, a “road” of raspberries, or a few skilfully arranged mint leaves or bits of zest. You’ll create a decoration scheme that’s not only new each time, but eatable, too!

A new discovery with each bite

Devise original ways to present and enjoy fine cheeses. For example, try serving mascarpone-based hors d’oeuvres in metal spoons, in different sizes and styles, which you have chilled for a few hours in the fridge. In addition to bringing out the freshness of the ingredients, the coldness of the utensils will have a delightful effect in the mouth.

Ice Candleholder

The very embodiment of the Fire and Ice concept! These clever table decorations are easy to make and provide a soft and changing light as the ice melts and transforms. Tip: place them on plates of different styles to make a lovely mosaic on the table … and avoid puddles of water! To make a square candleholder, cut a 2 L Natrel milk carton at a height of 10 cm from the bottom. Do the same with a 1 L Natrel milk carton at a height of 6 cm from the bottom. Place the small carton in the large one. Fill the large carton with water; make sure both cartons remain at the same height. Freeze for at least four hours.

Cool and Stylish

Bring out the crunchy and cool sides of your Ice combos by serving them on a tray made of ice! In addition to enhancing your fondue experience, this ultra-simple trick will highlight the contrast between the bite-size pieces and the warm cheese mixture. Simply use a baking dish of any size and shape you like. Pour in about one inch of cold water and freeze for at least four hours. When serving the bite-sized pieces, carefully remove the ice from the dish. Arrange the pieces on a tray, ideally with raised edges to avoid puddles.

Game of Fondue Pots

Depending on the context, vary the styles, size and number of fondue pots. A small pot is perfect for an appetizer or dessert. For the main course, use one large pot or several small ones, to explore different combinations! Whether you’re eating solo during the week, dining with your significant other on a Saturday, or hosting a dinner party with friends, there’s a fondue pot (or several) for every occasion!

Festive table

Add cranberries and mint leaves to a carafe of water. It’s not only convenient for busy receptions, it’s also beautiful, refreshing and festive! Crafting paper is the ideal tablecloth for a relaxed atmosphere. Keep little hands busy creating drawings and messages sure to be conversation-starters and bring smiles and laughter to the party!

Cocooning mood

Ambiance is all part of the experience – make it comfortable and cozy! Trade your table and chairs for a blanket and comfy cushions. A perfect picnic for two – or even a special event for the kids to introduce them to new flavours.

Starring slate

With its simple, rustic charm, slate is ideal for presenting a stunning taste journey. You can even use chalk to write the names of the cheeses and the tasting sequence for your guests to follow.